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Why sign up with a realtor?



Why sign up with a realtor? Your realtor will help match your preference and broaden your exposure.

The proliferation of information readily available online to most home buyers and sellers often leaves you thinking about, “Why should I sign up with a realtor?” It leaves you wondering if you couldn’t complete your own real estate transactions in Toronto with the help of the Internet or by referring to the regular marketing and advertising channels, without needing to be represented by an agent. Surely, you would be saving on the significant commission rates that many realtors in the region command. Think again, for most of us, flying solo may not be the best way to move forward, since buying or selling a home is not only a major financial undertaking, it is also a huge emotional move, and you may end up making losses that are greater than the commission rates that real estate agents charge.

From providing a wider range of options to match your preferences to getting an estimate of your property’s value and hosting an open house, there are several reasons why you may want you consider hiring a professional realtor in the Ontario region. Let’s find out what these reasons are.

Experience and knowledge in helping people find places.

 If you hire the services of a realtor in the Ontario region of Canada, you really don’t need to know everything about buying and selling real estate. To quote Malcolm Forbes, “Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do.” Just take the leap and get the right man or woman to do the job—someone who has more experience and education in the business of real estate, be it in Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto or Burlington. You will find that most realtors cost the same, and in your quest for saving precious time, you will find that a professional real estate agent will help you save more time, and in the long run, more money.

Realtors are a buffer between potential buyers, sellers and other time wasters.

You know how annoying it is to get spam in your inbox. Similarly, there are several people who are time wasters who pretend to be buyers but in reality, have no real intention of ever buying and are just overly curious to find out about the interiors and facilities in other people’s homes. A professional realtor will help to keep such spam out of your open houses and visits. If you’re planning to purchase real estate, your agent will fight tooth and nail to keep the builder’s agents at bay, and therefore preventing them from buzzing around your property. If you are trying to see your real estate property, your agent will act as a sieve for all those pointless phone calls that lead to nowhere from time wasters and try to persuade serious clients to immediately write an offer.

Negotiating could mean risky business for you.

 Good real estate agents in Toronto are able to negotiate effectively, because they are able to remove themselves from any emotional feelings that are likely to arise in the hearts and minds of buyers and sellers. Experienced realtors are skilled in the art of negotiation, and it is a part of their day-to-day job. They are able to negotiate smartly as they are trained professionals who represent their client’s case and not just messengers who deliver a buyer’s offer to the seller.

If you are under the impression that negotiating directly between buyers and sellers offers more transparency, think again. You may not realise, but you will not always be able to get along with other parties who are interested in doing business with you. Imagine a case scenario when you really liked a residential property, but just could not stand the tasteless, ugly interiors of the house. Would you be able to convey your thoughts and feelings to the owner about the costs you would incur in restyling the home without insulting him or her? What if the interiors were lovingly designed by someone very close to the owner himself, and your thoughtless remarks may end up hurting them? On the other hand, if you were dealing through a realtor, he or she could very diplomatically convey your concerns to the agent representing the home owner.

Know the neighborhood

 Your realtor is privy to the tiniest of details around the various neighborhoods you plan to focus on. They have the most up-to-date knowledge about the best schools and hospitals in the area or about the crime rates and demographics about a neighborhood. You can depend upon your realtor to have an access to properties that are listed by even other agents. If you have set your heart on a lovely town home, it’s so much easier for you to have your agent get in touch with the sellers agent and get an appointment to view the home.

It will be certainly harder for you to get in touch with the seller if you are buying the house on your own. Likewise, if you wish to sell your home, you will end up having to answer calls from interested parties, make appointments and arrange for show rounds by yourself, ending up in wasting a lot of your precious time. If you are not able to respond in time, interested parties may not be patient enough for your reply, and you may end up losing a potential buyer.

Let’s summarize on how you benefit by hiring the services of a realtor in Ontario:

 Make arrangements to advertise your property
 Be the first contact point for any potential buyer
 Be readily available to answer any questions of the buyer regarding the property for sale
 Provide reliable advice with regards to the current market condition
 Arrange for accompanied viewings for potential buyers around your property
 Provide advice on appropriate selling price as per current market values
 Guidance on how to present your home for showcasing
 Negotiation during the sale and purchase agreement with the buyer
 Possess knowledge of and provide access to a pool of potential buyers
 Advise on legal procedures to follow in the sale and purchase of property

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