By: Pat Kakar & Pam Team

Don't Let this One Get Away!

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Milton, Ontario, Canada, is one of the fastest growing communities in the country. Rather you are looking for commercial property, investment property or residential property, you need to contact a knowledgeable real estate agent. Keep these details in mind when searching for property to buy or sell in Milton.

Residential Property

It is getting harder to find the property that you want in Milton as the best ones are moving very quickly. New listings have decreased an average of five percent over last year. As of January 2017, the average property sold for as $665,100. All homes are seeing significant rises in value except for five-bedroom detach homes that have slipped in price just slightly.  The Canadian National Real Estate Association projects about a 5.6 percent growth rate in prices over the next year, but local experts feel that it may be even higher in Milton. There are still some good Milton homes for sale, so do not let the best ones get away. The majority are detached homes allowing you plenty of space to raise a family. One of the most popular choices are town houses as they provide ample room for everyone to spread out.  If you have children who may move back in or have aging parents, then a semi detach home may be right for you. Tightened requirements make it more difficult to qualify for a new home, so make sure that you move as quickly as possible before the government makes it even harder. Prices are likely to climb, so make sure if you are looking for invest in property that you act quickly. This is especially true of those looking for detached homes. Residential homes in Milton are often staying on the market for less than eight days. 

Commercial Property   

With Milton growing so quickly, it is a great time to open a business here. The demand is high for almost every type of business as an increasing number of people move to the area escaping the city hassles of Toronto. There is also some vacant land that has the potential to make great places to build your own custom-designed building. Alternatively, there are some well-established businesses for sale that are ready for you to put your touches on them allowing you to get up and running quickly. Prices are currently going for around $1.5 million for very nice property. As with the residential market, prices continue to climb, so do not wait and let the big one get away from you. There is also some great industrial land for sale if you are interested in moving a factory here or starting one.

Farm Land

If you are looking to establish a farm in the area or looking to add on to an existing one, then make sure to move quickly. As spring approaches, more people will become interested. Therefore, get the right property for you while the cold winter winds are still blowing. That way you will be ready to plant the fields, and you will have the necessary pasture land throughout the summer. With the quick growth in Milton, fertile farm lands are only going to become harder to find. Many of these properties have beautiful homes making them a great place to raise a family. Getting around the area is easy with three major roads running through the city, it really is possible to have the best of all worlds.

Experience that Counts

In this booming economy, you need an experienced real estate agent that can get you the best price rather you are buying or selling. One agent that you can trust is commercial real estate agent Pat Kakar. His experience will allow you to buy a house and not a mortgage. You may also want to contact residential real estate agent Pam Bhasin. If you are considering selling property, then make sure to contact them for a free home evaluation. Alternatively, if you are looking to buy property, then make it a point to contact them as they have many exclusive properties that often sell before they get listed with multiple listing services. Make sure to contact them today about your property needs.