By: Pat & Pam Team

Benefits of home staging that lead to a faster, profitable sale

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Years ago, no one really bothered about home staging before putting out the “For Sale” sign in front of their property. A thorough cleaning to hide clutter, getting new doormats and burning aromatic candles to make their home smell nice was a home owner’s idea of sprucing up his or her home for sale. But all that has changed, as more and more home sellers in different parts of Canada enlist the services of real estate agents and home stagers who impress potential buyers by their level of professionalism and expertise. We live in a highly competitive housing market today, and staging your home is an extremely important tool to effectively sell your home or condominium.

Home staging will get potential buyers hooked from right from start
 Home staging is not about decorating your home, it is the method of preparing a home for sale, with the aim of getting the most money as quickly as possible. In Canada, it has been seen that homes will sell for between 3% and 11% more by “staging” it right for sale. Your home is your sacred space until you live in it, but once it goes on the market, it ends up in becoming a product—a product which has its pluses and minuses. In order to have an advantage over your competition, you need to outshine them by looking better and more impressive.

And that’s how home staging works.
 Realtors emphasize your homes positive features and benefits, which allow a potential buyer to imagine them fitting in comfortably in your home. Home staging is an art in itself; one that creates a space that reflects a lifestyle that people desire to have. The idea is to get a prospective buyer to fall in love with your home at first sight and to be able to envisage a future in it! Home staging benefits the seller, because a stately, spic-and-span house can certainly gather a lot of attention and result in a fast sale. The final aim of home staging is to sell quickly for higher returns, which it does by appealing to a larger number of prospective buyers, therefore giving rise to many more offers for you to consider.
And there are more benefits to home staging.
 Home staging creates a flurry of interest within the home buyer’s market right from the beginning. Since you only have that one chance to make an impression on potential buyers, the first impression that they get when they step inside your home is the one that counts. Home staging features your homes’ potential by blending design techniques to form first impressions that last.

Home staging gets you more money
 Staging homes involve making essential repairs, replacing furniture, improving the lighting and making other aesthetic updates. When a buyer is introduced to a staged home, they envision themselves living in that home, and form an emotional connection that is hard to break. It’s that simple. When you offer a buyer an attractive home and they find themselves connecting with, they are willing to match your asking price.
Real Estate agents consider staged homes as premium listings
 The moment you get your home staged, it gets its moment under the spotlight, and grabs the attention of the best real estate agents in the area. This only results in your phone ringing more often—more showings and more offers, and ka-ching……sale!

Home staging helps to communicate and relate—effectively
 Gaudy floral wallpaper and carpets, frilly curtains and gold crushed-velvet armchairs may have been your now deceased grandmother’s idea of stylish living, but may not be your prospective buyers dream home. It may turn off a lot of buyers who are not able to express themselves honestly to the home owner, with the fear of offending them. However, getting your home staged by a professional stager or realtor is a great way to prepare your property for sale.

Your realtor or home stager will provide you with an objective opinion of all the important issues that need to be addressed in order to show case your home to buyers. They do not focus on creating a home that suits your personal taste and requirement for everyday comforts—they work on making your home appeal to a broader range of tastes instead.

Now, you may not think the changes make your home more livable, especially after the trash cans, laundry hampers, toiletries and the toaster has been hidden—the aim is for the your home stager’s new creation to help visitors fall for your home and yearn to own it. Home stagers are able to tactfully and respectfully convey the important changes that need to be made to your beloved home sweet home in order to make it look inviting and tasteful.

Want to sell your home faster? Home staging is your answer
 Surveys have found that the longer time your property stays on the market, the quicker its price drops below the listed price. The first two weeks on the market are the most critical time for your home as it is in this period that you have the most amount of interest being taken in your property. As this is the time when the real estate agent tour or the open house takes place and realtors in your area are invited to tour your home, it is important that your home looks its very best. As time passes by, people lose interest in your property. In the real estate market, a house that has been on the market for more than four weeks indicates a problem. Always remember that if your home goes too long without selling, people label it as “stale.” This will certainly damage your future chances of a sale at a reasonable price.

Home staging is an affordable option and the relatively inexpensive cost that you pay is easily offset by the higher returns you get when you sell your home. Are you ready to sell your home? Consider the benefits of home staging and you can have a profitable and stress free transaction.

Home Staging Tips By Pat Kakar & Pam Team