We’re getting a Divorce: How can we divide our matrimonial home?

By: Pat Kakar & Pam Team

We’re getting a Divorce: How can we divide our matrimonial home?

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When there are members of the family discussing divorce, this ominous word doesn’t just affect the couple thinking or planning their separation. It takes its toll on everybody; family members and even friends. Members of the immediate family instantly counsel the couple on many things.  But when a couple start to bring this word into the discussion table it means they already exhausted ...Read More

By: Pat Kakar & Pam Team

Don't Let this One Get Away!

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Milton, Ontario, Canada, is one of the fastest growing communities in the country. Rather you are looking for commercial property, investment property or residential property, you need to contact a knowledgeable real estate agent. Keep these details in mind when searching for property to buy or sell in Milton. Residential Property It is getting harder to find the property that you want in Milto...Read More

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Let us guide you Home

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The number of American , Asian and British people looking into Canada as the most likely location for their second home are currently on the rise. They are attracted by the country’s laid-back lifestyle, spectacular scenery, social and political stability. Also the ease with which they can come and go into Canada and the increasing number of low cost airlines covering travel here, add more t...Read More

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Capital investment in Canada's real estate market Residential or Commercial

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Many foreign investors are discovering that Milton, Ontario, Canada, and the surrounding area are great places to invest because of the weak Canadian dollar. Like many British and American citizens have already discovered, now is the right time to buy property in Canada. Of course, the amount of investors looking for investment opportunities in the Milton area also means its an outstanding time to...Read More

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I want to share my experience being a first time home buyer

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  After much deliberation and having discussions with my friends and family, I finally came to the decision that buying a home would be exactly what I needed to match my lifestyle.  There were so many reasons that made me reach my decision, but the biggest reason was the fact that I had reached a point in life where I was ready to make an investment that would appreciate over time. Anot...Read More

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Real Estate in Milton: A Wise Investment

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The recent real estate market trend has turned favorable compared to prior decades. Investing in real estate property at Milton is a wise choice, either you are deciding to sell or buy a property. There is a drastic improvement in the economic condition of the place the reason why there is a huge opportunity for realtors who wanted to invest in this kind of engagement. Choosing for the perfect rea...Read More

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Best Neighborhoods for Families in Toronto

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When it comes to the best neighborhood for families in Toronto, Canada, there are mixed views from local estate agents. In fact, the “best neighborhoods” in this capital of the province of Ontario are many given the city’s population of nearly 6 million. While Toronto properties are not considered “pricy” when it comes to commercial property, these deals do not stay a...Read More

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No One Knows Real Estate Better Than a Local Realtor

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It's often been said that if you want someone to do the job right you've got to find the person with the right tools. If that's true-which it is-when it comes to looking for the right location or property for your home or business, what better qualified person to go to than a Realtor? Realtors, or as they are commonly known as, real estate agents, are professionals who are highly-skil...Read More

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Why sign up with a realtor?


  Why sign up with a realtor? Your realtor will help match your preference and broaden your exposure. The proliferation of information readily available online to most home buyers and sellers often leaves you thinking about, “Why should I sign up with a realtor?” It leaves you wondering if you couldn’t complete your own real estate transactions in Toronto with the help of ...Read More

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Commercial and Residential Properties in Oakville

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In case you have been searching for investment properties as well as other types of Real Estate in Oakville, Canada then you have been searching for www.yourproperty.ca.  You can get updated and recent investment property listings, ensuring that your search for your ideal real estate investment in Oakville is hustle free.   Types of Real Estate Properties  There are a number of ways...Read More